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Explore the world of eventsrova Presale Codes and discover how we’re dedicated to delivering the latest presale codes for your favorite events.

Gain exclusive access to early ticket purchases for concerts, live sports, fights, races, operas, theatrical performances, and more. all thanks to our presale passwords.

At eventsrova we regularly release thousands of presale passwords catering to the needs of countless fans every day. Utilize our user-friendly search box simply enter the performer’s name, venue name, events name and etc. and we’ll swiftly guide you to the presale code that ensures you secure your tickets in advance.

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Common Presale or Offer Codes for all Concert

  • Live nation Presale Code: BACKSTAGE / VOCALS / ENCORE / COVERT
  • Citi® Cardmember Presale Code : 412800 / 546616
  • Chase card Member Presale Code : 541712
  • American Express Presale Code : 8778770987 / 8002973333 / INGOLD / 8003272177

Explore the most frequently asked questions we’ve received over the time covering a range of topics such as presale codes, presale passwords, general presales, tickets, and other valuable ticket-related information. Whether you’re a first-time ticket buyer or fans we’ve compiled this comprehensive list to provide you with helpful insights related to presale codes.

How do I get a presale or offer code?

We’ve put together a list of the most common types of presales, so you can determine the best ways to get access to presale and offer codes for the artist, team or event you can’t wait to see.


What is a presale password? What is a presale code?

Presale Passwords or Presale Codes are usually a word or password that when entered into a special offers box on Ticketmaster.com or Livenation.com will let you buy tickets before the general public. During the “presale period” which could last an hour a day or even several weeks tickets are sold off to people with the correct password.

Most presales available on eventsrova are used on www.livenation.com or www.ticketmaster.com sites.

How do I use a presale offer code? Where do I type in the password?

Most presales listed on eventsrova are through www.ticketmaster.com or www.livenation.com.

To take advantage of an offer find the event presale you are looking for and enter your password into the password box.

Each presale on our site will have a link to the official box office where tickets can be purchased at face value.

What is a Fan Club Presale? How do Unique Presale Codes work?

Fan Club Presales are for members of a specific organization such as a band’s fan-club, season ticket holders or past ticket purchasers in some cases (such as when an event has had to be rescheduled).

In some cases each and every member of the Fan Club may be given a unique single-use password which expires once it has been used to purchase presale tickets.

Does every event have a presale? And an offer code to go with it?

Many events have presales but many events do not have a presale.

Do you post information for every presale? Do you get every single code?

We try our best to post all of the most popular event presale information. However, we cannot guarantee that all presales will be listed or all codes will be available.

Do you post event information for concerts outside the US?

We currently publish presale offer codes and information for events within the United States and Canada. We are trying to provide our best.

What kinds of presales do you get codes for?

Venue Presales, Artist Presales, American Express Presale Listings, Facebook Presales, AMEX Presale Listings, CITI Credit Card Presales, Spotify Listener Presales, Instagram Follower Presales, Local presales, Today Presales, Plus many many more..

Do you sell tickets? You must sell tickets right?

No, we do not sell tickets on our website. Furthermore, the information on our site does not guarantee tickets to any specific event.

So you sell presale passwords? Right?

We do not sell individual presale passwords or offer codes. We just provide information about presale passwords and events info in our website.

How to Get a Ticketmaster Presale Code?

You can check out latest information on how to get a ticketmastr presale code check out now! https://eventsrova.com/how-to-get-a-ticketmaster-presale-code-top-7-ways/

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