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Eagles Long Goodbye Tour 2023: Dates, Tickets, and Unforgettable Concert Experience


Don’t miss The Eagles final tour, “The Long Goodbye,” as they bid farewell after 50+ years. Get tour dates, ticket info, and discover the unforgettable concert experience.

After an incredible 50+ year career, classic rock legends The Eagles have announced their final tour, “The Long Goodbye.” Join them on this highly anticipated Eagles farewell tour as they embark on a journey eagles farewell tour cities across North America from September to November 2023, with special guest Steely Dan. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with all the exciting details about tour dates, ticket information, and what to expect from The Eagles legendary concert experience WOWs.

The Long Goodbye Tour Dates and Highlights:

Experience The Eagles farewell tour at large-scale venues across North America. While specific dates and locations are yet to be finalized, the tour is expected to extend into 2025, allowing fans multiple opportunities to catch their favorite band in action let’s go fans. Stay updated on The Eagles’ official channels for the latest tour date announcements and information on their social media.

Presale and Ticket Information:

To secure your spot at an Eagles concert, take advantage of presale tickets and VIP packages available starting Wednesday, July 12th. General tickets sale will go on Friday, July 14th at 10:00 AM local time check your spot now. Make sure to mark your calendars and set reminders to avoid missing out on this lifetime opportunity.

Eagles The Long Goodbye Presale code 2023:

For a smooth ticket-buying experience, we have the presale codes for different platforms. Use the LN Mobile App presale code “COVERT”, the Livenation presale code “SOCIAL/LEGEND”, the TD Garden (Venue) presale code “FASTLANE”, the Radio Presale code “EAGLESDEN”, the MSG – The Garden (Venue) presale code “GOODBYE” and the Prudential Center (Venue) presale code “SOCIAL” Remember to check the individual concert links for specific information as details may vary.

What to Expect from an Eagles Concert:

Attending an Eagles concert is an extraordinary experience for classic rock fans. Whether you’re a long-time devotee or a new listener, prepare yourself for an unforgettable lifetime treat. The Eagles will perform their timeless hits like “Hotel California,” “Take It Easy,” and “Desperado,” taking you on a nostalgic journey through their greatest hits.

But the concert experience offers more! Discover hidden gems from their extensive catalog, including tracks like “Lyin’ Eyes” and “New Kid in Town,” adding delightful surprises to the setlist and showcasing the band’s musical depth steely dan the eagles.

One of the Eagles’ defining features is their exceptional harmonies. Get ready to be mesmerized as their voices seamlessly intertwine, creating a resounding and captivating sound that has become their trademark. Witness their remarkable chemistry on stage and be left in awe.

From the moment the Eagles step on stage, their infectious energy will electrify the venue. Be a part of the Eagles fan crowd and create an unforgettable sense of camaraderie between the band and their fans.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of history as The Eagles embark on their Long Goodbye tour farewell to their extraordinary 50+ year career. Stay tuned for the finalized tour dates and secure your tickets during the presale or general sale. Prepare for a magical evening filled with timeless hits, surprising gems, and the unmatched harmonies of The Eagles. Let their music transport you to a place where the legacy of classic rock lives on.

the eagles 2023 usa tour dates tickets
The final tour of eagles concert date and many more lifetime memorable moments “steely dan the eagles”

Note: Stay updated by regularly checking The Eagles’ official channels for tour date announcements and any changes to ticket information.

Pro Tips When Buying Your Tickets

Get Ready for Tickets: Your Ticketmaster Guide to a Smooth Purchase!

Follow these steps to get ready for the presale or general on-sale day. First, access your Ticketmaster account by clicking “Sign In” or “My Account” in the top right corner at least 15 minutes before the sale starts. Please register if you don’t have an appropriate account.

If you want a quick check-out? Add your billing information before processing any other task (credit card info). When the presale begins, stay in the queue. Avoid using multiple browsers, devices, or accounts with the same phone number to prevent errors!

Remember, be patient, and don’t refresh or leave the page. Your dedication will pay off, and you’ll secure those coveted presale tickets!

What To Do If Tickets Are Sold Out?

If tickets sell out, your other choice is to purchase them from online brokers like VividSeats or StubHub. In the event that everything else fails, we prefer these resell options because they both come with a 100% Guarantee. You can also buy resale tickets through the Ticketmaster resale program. Simply conduct a search for the concert or event you wish to attend to see if resale tickets are offered. We advise weighing the three possibilities to determine which is best for you.

FAQ – The Eagles Long Goodbye Tour 2023

=> What is the tour name of the Eagles band?

  • The tour name of the Eagles band is “The Long Goodbye.”

=> When will the presale for the Eagles tour begin?

  • The presale for the Eagles tour will begin on Wednesday, July 12th for all announced shows.

=> Where should I buy Eagles presale tickets 2023?

  • For the best ticket-buying experience, we highly recommend purchasing your Eagles tour tickets on a primary market like Ticketmaster. It is a trusted platform where you can find a wide variety of concert, event, and show tickets.

=> When will the Eagle tour go on general sale?

  • Tickets for the Eagle tour will go on general sale on Friday, July 14th at 10:00 AM local time.

=> How long are the Eagle concerts?

  • The Eagle concerts typically last around 2 to 3 hours.

=> Can I share the Eagles presale code 2023 with others?

  • Yes, absolutely! You can share the Eagles presale code with other fans. It’s a great way to help fellow fans enjoy the concert as well.


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